So the thing that pisses me off the most here is that I'm reading that the police refused to consider it a Missing Persons case for a good long while, because she'd gone missing a number of times before and found safely. » 10/17/14 8:04am Friday 8:04am

A door that slams loudly will probably have, simply as a function of why it slams loudly, enough gap between the door and the door frame to accommodate felt pads without preventing the door from latching or causing enough pressure on the door to cause the latch to 'lock' when the door is closed. » 10/16/14 9:37am Thursday 9:37am

It would have been difficult for him to have seen his brother killed by the sultan over an insult when it was his brother than was installed as ruler over Wallachia by the Ottomans years later when he rebelled against them and refused to pay the tribute they asked of him. » 10/10/14 2:19pm 10/10/14 2:19pm

Cream of Tatar is a byproduct of fermenting grapes to make wine. It's one of the sediments formed during the fermentation process. It's initial form is a substance called argol or beeswing, and you can often see it on the underside of a cork pulled from a wine bottle. » 9/26/14 1:38pm 9/26/14 1:38pm

I see your true motives, you want s***talkers who troll others with 'qq more! l2p nub' like statements to start accidently sending out their emails addresses instead so we may collect their information and publicly shame them. Sneaky. Very sneaky... » 9/23/14 10:48am 9/23/14 10:48am