Memory may be foggy, but that didn't sound like either of the original voices for Karan S'jet. I'm hoping that's just because they couldn't get them in time for a trailer and not because they've also decided to re-record the voice track for the game. » 1/25/15 4:04pm Sunday 4:04pm

Given the implication is that this was a nuclear weapons testing facility, and knowing how poorly the people working for the Manhattan and later projects understood of the long term dangers of radioactivity or the necessary precautions to safely work with it without giving everyone on your team cancer, I could see why… » 1/02/15 9:52am 1/02/15 9:52am

That's a good idea either way. They were also the chain caught illegally blocking connections to non-Marriott access points (i.e. hotspots) and are currently lobbying the FCC to rule that they should be able to continue to do so to 'ensure the level of quality' of the network their guests receive. » 12/30/14 3:09pm 12/30/14 3:09pm

So the article assumes the Empire as the primary combatant for the SW side of the conflict and the Federation for the ST side. Reasonable, but it does sort of skew the article. Of course the 'good guys' are going to have an advantage over the 'bad guys'. Especially when one is written as the glowing example of never… » 12/29/14 5:33pm 12/29/14 5:33pm

If I had to defend the tone it would be because from experience people who do the sort of things described in the article do this once a year, and make zero other changes, then somehow expect it to actually change things. » 12/24/14 5:04pm 12/24/14 5:04pm

This product does not actually work with the 2.0 systems. Period. It doesn't fit them and even if it did it doesn't have any of the 'DRM' that Keurig implemented in the 2.0 machines to prevent 'unauthorized' coffee. » 12/12/14 6:48am 12/12/14 6:48am

If that worked, that would in theory increase your capacity at the cost of efficiency. The higher water temp you keep the heater, the more energy it's going to have to waste to keep the water at that temp all the time. » 12/09/14 10:25am 12/09/14 10:25am